So your computer gets infected, now what? Well depending on what type of infection you have it varies. There is a lot of self help out there on the internet that will guide you through removal of certain viruses. I tend to make sure the computer is offline while I do a clean up. First thing first, remove the virus. There are plenty of legitimate programs out there that can help you for free. Malwarebytes is one of the most commonly known programs that offers a free and a paid version. It will get rid of a lot of the most common infections out there. I recommend running it once in safe mode and then again in normal mode. Depending on how bad the infection was you may have some damage to your Windows files, so a Windows repair will help with that. Although it’s not real hard, if you feel uncomfortable messing with Windows have it done at a reputable Computer Repair shop. That way you can be sure the infection is removed and your data is intact and full functionality of Windows is restored.

Dealing with a Crypto Virus is completely different and usually ends up in loss of personal data. Best steps to Protect yourself from Ransom / Crypto Virus’s is be proactive. There is a few different ways to protect yourself and your business. If you’d like some info on this topic please feel free to call us at 239 800 3450, email us at or stop by our Computer Repair Shop at 1242 SW Pine Island Rd, Suite 51, Cape Coral, FL 33991.

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