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Coronavirus – Covid-19 Computer Repair Options

Coronavirus / Covid-19 & Your IT 

We have not seen anyone address this issue so we decided to try to clarify for you any issues you may have that affect your computer and the relationship with the Coronavirus / Covid-19.  With the “social distancing” policies being implemented, we know that many of you will be spending additional time on the internet and on your computer.  It is essential that your computer is in good health and you are protected against the new threats that we know will exist. Because of the state of emergency, we will evaluate your computer on-line at no cost or obligation. 


  1. Q.Do I have to bring my computer into the shop if I have a problem with it?
  2. A.NO. During this crisis we will perform free diagnostics on your computer over the internet.  If there is a problem with your computer that is going to require parts, we will give you a quote to fix it and you can make an appointment to bring it in for repairs. 

Q Can problems be fixed over the internet? 

A Yes.  Almost any software issue can be fixed over the internet.  All you will need is an internet connection and we will be able to service your computer remotely. 

Q Are you able to install anti-virus software remotely? 

A Yes.  We carry the most effective anti-virus software available and we are making it available to you over the internet at a discount price and we will install it for you free. 

Q Is it possible to have a constant back-up of my data and can it be installed remotely? 

A Yes.  Depending on your computer and the amount of data on your hard drive, we can make a determination and give you a concise answer.  We will evaluate each case individually and tell you what is involved at no charge. 

We hope this answers your questions and concerns.  If you have other questions or concerns, please give us a call. 239-800-3450.