Immediate Steps to Liquid Damaged Laptop

Liquid Damage. It happens, but what steps do you take to improve the chance of not permanently ruining your computer?

1st: Power it off, and unplug it.

2nd: Remove the battery. While this is becoming harder to do with more recent laptops you may still be able to get to the battery and at least unplug it.

3. If you can get to other components, ie. memory modules and hard drive, remove them.

4. Place a towel on the keyboard and hold laptop keyboard side down so that any liquid can run out.

5. If you don’t feel comfortable fully dismantling your laptop, bring it to a Computer Repair shop.

6. Let sit for a day for the moisture to dry. After that re-install the components you removed, connect battery and charger and see what you got.

Sometimes at the very least, you may just need a new keyboard installed which is pretty easy to do, or inexpensive to have done at a Computer Repair shop.

Although the above steps might work, I’d still recommend having it done professionally so the machine can be dismantled down the motherboard and make sure everything is dried up and no corrosion occurs.

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